One of the most popular lighting methods on the market is quickly becoming LED lighting. Noted not only for its longevity, but also for its energy savings as well. Linear fluorescent lighting makes up an estimated 80% of the installed equipment and 72% of total annual energy consumption for commercial lighting, according to Everline. The simple, easy to utilize, LED EVERLINE® Retrofit Kit can help to provide quite substantial energy savings.

LED lighting used to have a bad reputation for being discolored or appearing in a blue hue. With advances in LED lighting technology, the illumination produced can be colored at different temperature levels, which in turn determine the hue or color of the light emitted. The LED EVERLINE® Retrofit Kit provides a premium optical performance by using a broad distribution angle. Thus, meaning the spread of light will eliminate dark zones and hot spots to ensure color and illumination consistency.

With multiple lighting options available, nearly 7290 lumens per retrofit kit is capable! The correlated color temperature (CCT measure in Kelvin) includes options of 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K; each having a color rendering index of 82 (nominal). Essentially, you have a multitude of options to choose from as to which color range you prefer to see along with a customized spread of light. See the video below.


Link to Installation Video:

Perhaps the best thing about the LED EVERLINE® Retrofit Kit is the ease at which it can be installed. It’s fast, lightweight and you can install it using simple tools. There is no need to redesign anything or change any ceiling layouts. With the video guide to lend you a hand, you could have your lighting system retrofitted from fluorescent to LED in just minutes!

Summary of Features & Benefits of Litetronics LED Retrofits

1.The LED EVERLINE® Retrofit Kit is extremely easy to implement and replace older, less energy efficient fluorescent lighting fixtures.

2.The comparison between the standard fluorescent lighting and LED lighting is quite stark. Whereas the fluorescent lighting fixture has a life (measured in hours) of 30,000, by retrofitting that same fixture to LED you are looking to move up to the 140,000+ hours lifespan.

3.Also, whereas the standard fluorescent lighting fixtures utilizes 88W, the LED EVERLINE® Retrofit Kit utilizes only 61.8W.

4.The total energy cost for a standard fluorescent lighting fixture in a given year is $38.54, whereas the LED EVERLINE® Retrofit Kit lighting fixtures’ energy cost is just $27.07 per year. That’s a savings of $11.47 per fixture!

5.Great Color Rendering Index (82).

6.UL Listed.

7.DLC approved so eligible for rebates.

8.Energy savings are potentially astronomical, dependent upon the number of fixtures being replaced.


Click Below to Read the LED EVERLINE® Retrofit Kit Manual:

LED EVERLINE® Retrofit Kit Manual