State Line Lighting has been a great asset for our many lighting needs. We have various specialty lighting needs at our facility and State Line has always been able to service those needs with very quick and accurate solutions. Last year we did a T-12 to T-8 upgrade and State Line Lighting was instrumental in helping with all the necessary documentation to receive the incentive rebates. The contractor that did the retrofit for us made the statement on several occasions that he was very impressed with the quality of the bulbs and ballast that we used. Out of over 1,600 bulbs and over 800 ballast he did not have a single one that failed to come on. As I said, Chris Johnson and State Line Lighting have been more than helpful anytime I need assistance with any type of lighting questions or projects. I’m very thankful to have them in my contacts.
Tony, Maintenance Mgr
What is most important to us is your follow up and assistance on obtaining the hard to find materials needed for jobs and estimating.
But making sure our prices stay stable low and competitive have also been very valuable !
Thank you !
Leonard, Owner
Chris Johnson and State Line Lighting have provided exceptional customer service and pricing for Hearst Tower for years. We appreciate the continued partnership as we move forward.
Jason, Regional Chief Engineer
We can always depend on State Line Lighting’s fast service, helping our team to resolve issues and locating replacement for discontinued products.
Our organization is responsible to install and maintain a wide variety of lighting throughout Charlotte and the surrounding county. Sales staff at State-Line make you feel re-assured that your order will be filled accurately and in a timely manner; even on small orders or hard to find parts. State-Line Lighting helps us to meet the needs of our customers in the following manner:

· Knowledgeable counter sales staff; they know what we need and have a well-stocked warehouse to get it fast

· Free delivery to our shop with the materials organized by the job

· Great follow up on small orders and special items

· Competitive pricing

· Availability of latest lighting technology; arranged information sessions with vendors and manufacturers to advise on newest equipment