Why should your business be Energy Efficient???

Have an Energy Audit!

Replace Your Bulbs with LED!

Go Green!

Doing more with less energy is important in today’s economy.  State Line is here to help businesses save money by promoting our Energy Star products and services to help reduce your overall costs on your electrical bill.


  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient halogens, CFL’s or LED.

  • Buy Energy Star Products

  • Replace power consuming fixtures such as metal halides and high pressure sodium indoor/outdoor fixtures with LED or Induction

  • Turn off office lighting when not in use

  • Take advantage of Motion Sensors and Daylighting controls

  • Switching out lamps to LED will also reduce maintenance cost

What State Line Can Do to Help you be more Energy Efficient?

  • A sales representative with State Line will do a walkthrough of your facility to identify major areas you can save energy.

  • We will provide an energy analysis showing opportunities you have available to cut electrical cost and maintenance savings.

  • Since State Line is a trade Alley with Duke Energy we will find out if you qualify for any of the Incentives and Rebates that are offered in the Smart Saver Program

  • We will file all your paperwork with Duke Energy and see that you receive your money in a timely fashion and that the paperwork is done correctly!

  • We will implement a plan for you and your business to “Go Green” based on your particular needs.

  • State line also offers turn-key solution’s to help you obtain your energy saving goals.

Please contact any of our friendly sales staff today to get you on the right track to “GOING GREEN!!!”