Why LED? Each day LED technology is continually being improved. The goal of each manufacturer is to provide customers with the best quality light while saving the most energy possible. Engineers are constantly working to drive down the cost of LED, and have succeeded in doing so while still maintaining and even improving the quality.

Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting:

  1.  Long Lasting – By switching to LED, customers have noticed themselves reducing their labor and maintenance costs. This is due to the fact that LED bulbs have been proven to last 5 times longer than all other lighting technologies, thus reducing  the time and money spent on installation in the past.

  2.  Energy Efficient – By finding ways to reduce the wattage and still maintain the same light output consumers can save both energy and money on their power bill.

  3.  Environmentally Friendly– LED bulbs do not contain mercury or other harmful products as other bulbs do. They also last longer thus creating less waste.

  4.  Durable– LED technology is able to withstand wind, rain, and extreme temperatures- both hot and cold.

  5.  Design– LED diodes can be combined in any shape in order to control the direction of your light more efficiently.