Want to provide a work environment that’s  appealing and productive?  Need a safer place for your customers or employees to park?  Try LED lighting.  Not only will it instantly create a safer place, but a place where people feel  safe, and more productive.  And the best part is…because it saves you tons of money on your energy bill, it will pay for itself over time.

LED lighting uses up to 30 percent less energy than standard fluorescent lighting. …which equates to a  30 percent lower energy bill.  You can also have additional savings through the Duke Energy Smart $aver Incentive Program which gives companies cash for installing high-efficiency lighting…such as LED lighting.

In addition to the cost savings benefit, there are many other reasons to use LED lighting.  Not only is LED more reliable, since it has a long luminaire life, but it also provides even light distribution for better visibility.  And, if you are using LED lighting, you are helping the environment by reducing energy consumption, since it last longer and is environmentally friendly.  And with no warm up time needed, you will have instant brightness.

LED lighting is operational under extremely cold or hot temperatures.  While fluorescent lamps can be affected by extreme temperatures, LED lights are equipped to withstand the elements.

Also, LED lighting produces little infared light and close to zero UV emissions, making it ideal for illuminating goods or materials that may be sensitive to heat such as items in a museum or art galleries.

Need another reason to switch to LED lighting?  Because LED lights have a low-voltage power supply need, you can easily use them by connecting to a solar energy source, which makes it even more cost efficient, as well as ideal for use in rural or remote areas.