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SLL-Led-BulbsState Line Lighting would like to welcome you to the most significant page of our website; our lighting products page.  This page stands out because our company takes pride in the variety and quality of our extensive line of products.  Over the years as customers become part of the State Line Family img_1208they begin to notice that State Line Lighting stands behind each and every product we offer, and always takes the time to make sure we find the perfect lighting product for each application.

 As you navigate through our website and work closely with our experienced staff of lighting representatives, you will see that not only do we carry a full line of lighting related products such as lamps, ballasts, sockets, fixtures, and LED, but that we are also constantly updating our lighting products and inventory as well. With the lighting industry itself being ever changing, it is important for a company such as State Line Lighting to stay up to date as well, especially considering the recent expansion that has taken place with LED technology.

img-1251Starting with the basic incandescent light bulb and going through the range of all different types of halogens, fluorescents, and HID lighting, there is now an LED replacement fixture or retrofit in almost every shape, size, and color for all other lighting technologies.ceiling-lights

When finding the perfect LED to replace your current lighting system, it is

important to consider all factors such as wattage, voltage, lumen output, and life hours in order to get the effect that you desire.  This is why State Line Lighting carries a full line of all different variations of each type of LED lighting product.  Please contact one of our experienced team members today in order to find the perfect solution for any and all of your lighting product needs.

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